Our Services

Security Guarding Services

Our core profession is supplying licensed and qualified trained Security Personnel to Commercial Buildings, Financial Institutions, Government Establishments, Shopping Malls, Hospitality and Residential Projects.

To ensure all our security personnel are equipped with the relevant knowledge, we have our own in house Approved Training Centre to put in place a comprehensive in-house training program and WSQ courses for them.

We strongly believe the retention of talent as well as creating a career progression path is of primary importance to the success of an organization.


Event Security Services

We provide trained security personnel for various scales of events:-

Nation Countdown
Private Corporate Events
Sports and Cycling Events
Retail Private Launches
Retail Sales and Guarding
Overnight Security Guarding


Close Protection Services

JASA provide Closed Protection services for special and privileged corporate clients and celebrities. Our Closed Protection Team is trained in personal defense as well as unarmed combat tactics to ensure clients and their assets are safeguarded and protected at all times.


Security Technology & Consultancy Services

Besides providing qualified and trained security personnel, JASA have also invested in the usage of technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency of our security workforce

Security Planning & Implementation is very important to deter any threats or situations that may arise without warning. Our security consultants are able to carry out Threat-Vulnerability Risk Analysis and will determine your organizations’ risk exposure. After assessing the risk exposure, we then formulate Risk Management or treatment of specific risk where measures will be taken to bring the risk to the minimum.